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I am the goat

Took this picture over 2 years ago.


So super easy to get desensitized about what’s happening in Ferguson if you’re behind a screen miles and miles away. But please, don’t stop caring, don’t forget about the crimes that have been committed there, and above all else stay angry. Scream with the people in Ferguson, amplify their voices.

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in movies, whenever a hot guy fake-flirts with an “ugly” girl and she gets all flustered, it’s intended to be a funny joke and make u think the girl is pathetic for believing such an attractive man could be interested in her. ur supposed to hate the girl.

but whenever a hot girl fake-flirts with an ugly guy and he gets all flustered, it’s intended to make u feel bad for the guy and think the girl is a Bitch. ur supposed to hate the girl.

ur always supposed to hate the girl.

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  • 16 year old child: mom, dad: I'm gay/lesbian/bi/pan
  • Straight parents: you're too young to know what your sexuality is! It's just a phase.
  • Baby boy: *stares at a baby girl for no reason other than the fact that babies stare at everything*
  • Straight parents: oooh! Ladies man! We're gonna have to keep the girls offa you!
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